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This would have been a 5-star review had it not been for the poor result of the mystery mini tub. However, the other toys are a great physical toy for the fantastic digital game that has us playing for hours and hours!

I am going to be honest, I had never heard of game. I have 1 Nephew and 2 Nieces, to my knowledge they don’t play this game as the girls are too young. But still not heard of this game so when we saw these bright coloured worms at BlogOn I was like ‘oh these are cute’.

Typical of me to think that they are cute but thinking what do they do. I need to hang out with the kids more obviously.

When actually getting home and deciding to find out more about the products themselves, I discovered the game. What a mistake… both myself and Cora were hooked playing the game. And I mean hooked, it got competitive and I don’t think we have seen the end of it yet. have brought out a new toy range to match the game and they are cute!

We actually had another piece of the range which is the squishy version, we unboxed this to see what was actually inside. We were surprised to see quite a fat squishy worm, we got the white one. It started off very clean and was quite funny and the quality wasn’t too bad. But I must admit that after playing with it and it falling on the floor a couple of times, it collected all sorts of hairs and dust.

The range also expands to a collectable 3 pack with the 3rd worm being a mystery. Like many of the crazes for kids these days they can collect them all, the 3 pack has 11 to collect which I don’t think is too bad compared to other toys where there is 30 or even 60 to collect. There are 2 rares to find and 1 ultra rare, which is like a bright pink. The price for a 3 pack is £10.99.

The next item in the range is a blind bag figure, it is one figure per bag. They are also collectable but they have more to collect having 15. Again having the usually figures then 3 rares and 1 ultra rare to collect. The blind bags are more expensive than I would expect at £5.99. Compared to getting 3 for £10.99.

The last item is the soft toy which we got in the American flag style, which is my prefered outfit for my worm thing on the game. The soft toy is well made and looks very cute with an animated face and neat stitching. I always look at the stitching as you can tell if it is well made or not and luckily these are. They have a small wire in the centre to make the figure bend and stay in that shape.

Overall I am impressed with not just the toys but the new game I have to play. We are keeping hold of the toys for the kids to get them into and see if they can do any better than me.

Of course, if you or your kids have played the game and have now started collecting them let me know what you think in the comments below and let me know which design is your favourite.

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