So Slime DIY Shaker Review

Slime is the toy of 2018, and what could be more fun than discovering how to make your own? Well, thanks to the So Slime DIY Shaker for as little as £3.99 and in 3 simple steps you can.

So Slime has a fantastic range of different slime products, we were sent a trio set of So Slime DIY Shakers to review.

Inside each of the So Slime pots you’ll find a silver packet, open that up and you’ll find;

  • Glitter or Confetti bag
  • Bag of coloured slime powder
  • Suprise figure

Creating the slime couldn’t be more simple. Pour the powders into the empty pot. Fill the pot with water to the line. Shake for 30 seconds, take the lid off and leave the slime to settle for 5 minutes.

While there are loads of different ways you can make slime, I have to admit that the So Slime DIY Shaker is a fantastic quick, easy and mess-free way to do so. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got the So Slime DIY Shaker or what colour you’d like if you’re planning on purchasing it soon!

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