Review: So Slime DIY Vanity Case

Is there anything better than playing crafts on the run-up to Christmas? This Friday we were on a mission to find out as we gathered at nannies house to play with the new So Slime DIY Vanity Case.

The Slime DIY Vanity Kit is very similar to the Soap Vanity Kit in the sense that all the instructions are on the top filled with the materials to make five different coloured Slime’s.

Frankie began by decorating the vanity case while Matilda began adding decorations to her first coloured slime – the pink one. Of course.

The first one wasn’t our best work for sure, the consistency of the slime was off so we quickly added in some of the purple mixtures almost like adding extra flour to a dough by placing it on the table and rolling it in.

It worked a treat!

We all loved the variety of extra materials to add to the slime, although the beads with holes quickly became dislodged and loose flying around the kitchen. The paper materials such as the strawberries and the swirls were much better.

Once Matilda had her pink one all set it was Frankie’s turn. He methodically swirled around the ingredients adding in the additional gems he required as he went.

Meanwhile, Matilda continued to be mesmerised by the slime she’d just made along with all the smells and textures it now contained. In the space of just five minutes, she must have put it in and out of the pot at least a dozen times.

Sadly, we needed the pot to make Frankie’s next slime concoction. While there were other colours still left Matilda was more than happy with the pink one she had and chose not to create another one – which was more than fine with Frankie who was able to have Matilda’s leftover materials.

Overall the So Slime DIY Kit was the perfect afternoon/evening craft for two. We had a great time, and it was even better knowing we had somewhere to store our slime and the materials once we’d finished.

You can buy the So Slime DIY kit in a range of toy stores both online and in-store. While we were set this So Slime Kit in return for our review, as always all thoughts and opinions are that of our own.

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