Review: So Soap DIY Soap Case By Canal Toys

The So DIY Soap Kit by Canal Toys comes in two formats; the Soap Factory and the DIY Soap Case.

While with the Soap Factory you can create six different soaps (perfect in my opinion, if you find that your kids love the Soap carry case option but want to make more soaps in the future), we decided to review the Soap Case which comes with the ingredients to make four soaps, all wrapped up in this incredible vanity case.

Everything you need (except for water, a bowl, and a spoon) to make your four soaps is inside the soap case.

There are even some incredibly colourful stickers that you can use to decorate your carry case.

The instructions are broken down into six steps with photographs that are incredibly easy to follow.

You start by adding the colour of your choice to the bowl. In this case, we chose pink.

Then we added the water to the bowl before stirring the mixture together. Tips on the consistency to achieve with the soap mixture is on the instructions.

Then it’s time to add the mixture to the piping bag. There are four different piping bags, one for each of the different soaps. Although I think you could easily rinse these out and use them again if you ever needed to.

We used a sharpie pen to push the tip into place within the piping bag and was sure to unwrap the bottom of our soap that we’d be piping onto in advance to ensure minimal mess once the soap had been inserted into the piping bag.

Once you’ve added the soap from the piping bag you can decorate it with characters and additional gems.

An there we have it, one of the four soaps is completed. As I’m sure you’ll agree this is super simple, but the results are incredible. It’s a super fun experience, and the soaps can easily be gifted to a child’s friends or family.

The fact that all the spare pieces from the other soaps can easily be tidied away into the carry case is in our opinion perfect.

In conclusion, this is an ideal crafty toy for kids. It’s simple, uses minimal ingredients and tools and the end result is super effective. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this toy to friends or family – in fact, we’re already looking at buying the other set to ‘top-up’ our kit for future soap making adventures.

We were provided with this So Soap DIY Case in return for our honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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