Staccups Review : Fast Pace Fun



Fast-paced and fun little game that’s suitable for players aged four and upwards. Match the colours at speed, rid yourself of your cups and become the winner!

Every year my parents throw a party for the whole family on Boxing day. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, between my dad and his two sisters they would take it in turns to have the party each year or hold New Year.

Within this tradition, there is also the Boxing day quiz, along with the quiz master, my dad. Unfortunately, this was something that would bore the younger generation and make the older generation very competitive. The past couple of years there have been some other alternative games involved, last year we had Pie Face Showdown and Speak Out.

This year we are mixing it up and introducing Staccups…

Staccups is a 2 player game that is built on face responses and agility. Neither of which I have which explains why I keep losing. The game is fast, light and fun, perfect for getting even the smallest of people involved.

The game is simple, you have a base with a switch in the middle and 2 stumps either side. The switch decides which colour is the first to be put down and you go from there. There is a twist though, the Staccups cups are colour coded with the cup being one colour and the top is another colour.

You have to match your cup colour to the previous cap colour, the first one to be left without any cups is the winner. You can use either stump to achieve your goal but you have to be quick to beat the other player.

There are many ways to play this game, you can make it into a championship competition playing against individuals, split into teams and the team with the most wins get a prize or simply play the game and have fun with it.

Overall I was impressed with the simplicity and level of fun of the game but felt a little let down with the quality of the box. I think for the size of the game, the box could have been a little smaller and more compact.

We love games like this as it really gets everyone involved, no matter the age. Me and Cora really enjoy playing this game and can’t wait to introduce it to everyone on Boxing Day.

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