The 2018 Advent Calendar Saga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Helen and I have been causing a bit of a storm over on Youtube. Spending more than £1,000 of our own hard earned cash on advent calendars.

This started when we publicly criticised an influencer for taking advantage of her subscribers by selling them her used PR products and telling multiple lies over the course of multiple videos. Unhappy with the way these subscribers had been treated and determined to demonstrate that not all influencers are like that. We set out on a mission to explain our opinion, our thoughts and opinions on the situation and what we hoped this person would do to fix the situation – which has unfortunately still not been resolved.

However, as our video gained momentum we began gaining love from new subscribers from the fashion and beauty industry. An area that Helen and I know very little about… They loved the down to earth take on the whole situation and wanted to see us unbox advent calendars of our own.

So we did a couple before I decided that I wanted to ‘go big’ on the whole situation. Highlighting more than the comedy of opening some doors and revealing a mystery but exposing how out of control the whole advent calendar industry seems to have become over recent years.

We have seen an amazing amount of growth on our Youtube channel since starting this campaign.

Christmas is an expensive and taxing time for most families without extending the period of gifts into late November and early December with advent calendars costing as much as £260. We also wanted to ensure that nobody who watched our videos would be taken advantage of like they were by the sale of an influencers advent calendar and plan to open as many as we can possibly buy/get our hands on between now and the big day in December to ensure our subscribers are getting the very best value for money.

At this time we are releasing a new video for the following eight weeks (between this week and the week of Christmas) from Monday to Friday at 6pm. With extra videos from behind the scenes available to our Patreons who are very kindly supporting our crazy plans.

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