The Best Gifts To Buy A Sewer

If your friends and family are like my other half then I am glad I am writing this post. If your other half, friend, daughter, sister, brother, whoever sews and has everything they could possibly need. Then check out these helpful tips below. These are some gifts or activities I would love to receive and not all of them have to break the bank.

Personalised fabric labels

These are great to get even if you aren’t making to sell. Many quilters use labels to document when they made the quilt and what block they used. You can also do this for your own creations if you simply wish to document that it was made by you. Clothes are great to include a label so you can show off to your friends and so on. If you have a logo or a trademark you can get this in label form. You can get anything from a roll of ribbon to woven labels or satin printed labels.

Sewing Thread Pack

It may seem an obvious choice but threads can be such a silly extra cost and especially when wanting to work with different colours. This can really help out, I remember leaving my old job and my manager had lots of threads she was no longer using and gave them to me. It made so much different not having to run out and get that colour you need. You can go for something as fancy as the Mettler 18 Colours for £25.00, or Gutermann Sew-All Thread Note Book x 42

Sewing Classes

These are great if your giftee is new to sewing or wanting to learn a new aspect of sewing. For me, I would pick a patchwork and quilting class as  I like doing patchwork but would love to learn more. You can find classes in local haberdashery shops, online and in Hobbycraft. You also have the option of sewing circles and Facebook groups to help you along the way.

Decorative Pins

You can get some really interesting and decorative pins. These also may seem obvious but I am forever breaking my pins or losing them. I am also terrible at starting projects and not finishing them, meaning I am out of pins. These are great to get because they are a small novelty but also have a useful purpose. At Christmas, Cora bought me some with rainbow hearts on the ends. You can find a wide variety on Etsy, some with toadstools, bees, hearts, leaves and animals.

New Pin Cushion

I have a great pin cushion, it was one my sister bought me years ago for when I went to university. It is an apple and I love it but within the next year, I may have to replace it. I am always wanting something quite quirky and different, at the time I got my apple one pin cushions were mainly square so it was such a novelty.

Try finding a new pin cushion on Etsy, Amazon or at a local market. Craft fairs are great to find new and exciting things as they haven’t been overly exposed to copying and mass produced. If you are feeling creative, make you own. Pinterest always has great ideas and patterns you can use to create your own.

Fabric Weights

Fabric weights are genius, I don’t have any. I currently use anything from a mug to my cat Mittens. She is very good at it until she rolls over. These can be made from fabric and filled with rice or something more elaborate from a shop. Etsy has some really cute polymer clay doughnuts, small rice filled pyramids and polymer clay fruit slices.

Sewing Journal 

I had a little scrappy notebook which I had around and on my desk. I found it so useful for if I had an idea to write it down or do a quick sketch of something to work on. You can use it to write down measurements of something your working on, fabric lengths you need and so on. you can use your phone but it doesn’t work the same.

Sewing kits

I see kits from different companies that are everything in one box or bag that you will need to make that item. There are crochet kits, rag doll kits and door stop kits, these can all be purchased from HobbyCraft. Hobbycraft offer Kirstie Allsop sewing kits as well as their own ‘Get Crafty’ kits. There are other companies such as Toft, they specialise in crochet kits ranging from beginner to more advanced kits. This can be a great inexpensive way to learn a new skill or get started without having to pay for classes or a course.

Sewing books

This is another great way for your giftee to further their skills or start a new challenge without taking a class, well not yet anyway. I found using books a great way to get started on new things and especially when I wanted to learn how to quilt. There are plenty to choose from, find out what field interested them and go from there. I can recommend Tilda books are great for doll making, The Great British Sewing Bee for clothing and patterns and 50 Fabric Animals by Marie Claire for bear lovers and Stitched Safari for those who love felt.

I hope you found this helpful, leave a comment below and tell me what you would like to receive as a gift.


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