V-Tech ‘Toot Toot Friends’ Advent Calendar

This year we have noticed an extreme increase in luxury advent calendars. This doesn’t just involve luxury chocolate but toys, beauty and stationary! One of the ones that caught our eye was, of course, the V-Tech Toot Tooth Friends Advent Calendar. Aimed at children between the ages of 1-5 this is a lovely calendar to open and get you into the festive mood.

The calendar is available in stores and online for £20 – £25. The calendar has 24 days and creates a lovely Christmas scene at the end.

The calendar starts with the front flap opening to fold down, this becomes the play mat and scene which is lovely. Though it is only cardboard it is an added touch I thought was really nice to add on. The first door is already on show which is Santa himself. When Matilda shows him she instantly pulled him out and wanted to see him.

The next couple of doors were smaller things such as presents, cutters that can be used for playdough, baking or playing in the sand. There were other accessories to open such as a flame for a fire, street lamp and little stands with prints of houses on.

By far my favourite parts and Matildas were the gingerbread man, elf, Rudolf the reindeer, Santa’s sleigh and the sheep. This was great as Matilda has been learning new words and after loving opening the calendar she wanted to take some of the figures in the bath. We decided to take the elf and reindeer to bathtime where Matilda said elf and reindeer for the first time.

I would honestly say that though overall the calendar is good. But I would say that opening some of the smaller items such as the star, reindeers hat and the card would be very disappointing. The days that were smaller items were more fillers for the advent calendar which felt a little flat. The other days that you got animals, the sleigh or the gingerbread man was great as they were much more expected from the days.

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