Victoria Plum Bathroom Accessories Review

Since moving into our new old house we have been working on one room at a time. We decided to work on the main rooms that we were going to need such as the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. After finishing the bedroom and unfortunately having to replace the boiler and some radiators it was time to do the bathroom. While the bathroom isn’t in bad condition it was a little worn and needed some love put into it. After paying SO much for the boiler replacing we were a little tight for money, this is where Victoria Plum saved the day.

Who Are Victorian Plum?

Victoria Plum is a bathroom specialist company based solely online. They don’t have any showrooms so everything you see online is what you get. Everything can be ordered and delivered if you aren’t happy with any of the products you can return them for a full refund and no trouble. Victoria Plum have a full range of brands, products and styles, this means there is something for everyone. What I really like is that I can get everything I need in the same range/style and I don’t have to shop for hours trying to find matching accessories.

These are the products that we were kindly sent from Victoria Plum and what we think of them…

Joseph Joseph

Something I love about Joseph Joseph products is that they are simple colours and designs. Generally, all of their products fit together even if the colours are different. When we were looking to update the bathroom we struggled to find a range of products that we liked. Many sets were too glitzy or didn’t have everything we were looking for. The benefit of using Victoria Plum was that we could find everything we wanted in one place and in a complete range.

Soap Slim Compact Dish

I never bothered with soap bars before even though I like them because I don’t like how they are stored. I never liked that soggy weird thing that happened to the bottom after sitting in a soap dish. It made me feel it wasn’t clean and so I didn’t bother with regular soap bars. Joseph Joseph have produced a cute soap dish that has a slope to it. It makes the soap easier to get out and also keeps it from sitting in a pool of water. The tilt helps to drain away excess water into a tray at the bottom, the tray them comes apart so you can empty it and clean it!

Toothbrush Large Holder

The toothbrush tidy also has the removable bottom to help clean the holder. If not then you end up trying to clean it forever, get frustrated and throw it out for a new one. This has a couple of compartments to keep toothbrushes separate from toothpaste and other items. You can even keep your toothbrush and toothpaste separate to your partners if you use different paste.

Slim Compact Soap Dispenser

This has to be Cora’s favourite item, she was so excited when she saw it! The soap dispenser is in the same colour range as the toothbrush tidy and the soap dish so it all fits together perfectly. The soap dispenser is great for the liquid soap. It is easy to take apart to refill and to wash out.

Flex Smart Toilet Brush With Storage Bay

Similar to the soap dish I didn’t like having toilet brushes because they were so hard to keep clean and I never liked the stands that they came in. As many of the toilet brushes sat in the dirty water they have just been in so never liked them. The Joseph Joseph toilet brush has a holder for cleaning products such as bleach or toilet cleaner which I love as you can have it all together and tidy. The best part of the toilet brush is that is it made from a new technology which is made of silicone. The silicone head is in the shape of a D which allows the brush to reach all the hard to reach places. It is a better way of cleaning and also means the brush is longer lasting.

Orchard Lunar Toilet Roll Holder

Everyone needs one of these,  before we were using the window ledge or the floor. Not exactly the nicest way to store your toilet roll. We choose a simple stainless steel handle to match the bin and mirror. The holder is really easy to fix to the wall and simple to put on. We didn’t want anything too fancy or complicated just as we like a simple design.

Orchard Options 5l Stainless Steel Bin

No matter what every bathroom needs a bin, even if all it holds are empty toilet roll tubes. A sign of being an adult is getting excited about a new bin for your bathroom. We found this one which was really quite simple and plain metallic so it was bound to fit in with the rest of the bathroom. I liked the presser foot to lift the lid and the compartment inside that lifts out to make emptying easier.

SilentNight Stripe Towels

Who knew Silent Night did towels? Not me but I am so glad I discovered it because there is no going back for me now. Just like the bedding the towels are made of high-quality fabric and feel so soft and cosy. Because our bathroom is rather large it can feel quite cold and drafty so once you get out the shower you want to get wrapped up as soon as possible. We always choose to buy bath sheets as they are much bigger and so much cosier.

The towels came as a set because once you have a style I like, I like to have matching throughout the towel size. Just call me Monica Geller! Though I haven’t quite got to the level of guest towels and best towels yet but give me time! On a more serious note, the towels are made of lovely quality fabric and we really like the design of them as the weave goes in different directions on each side. This will help soak the water from the skin and not just push it around as other towels do. The towels are also available in a variety of colours.

Hug Rug Grey Chevron Bath Mat

With every new towel set, you want ( or I want) a new bath mat. I honestly could have had each of all of the ones available on Victoria Plum website but I restrained myself to this one. It has a rubber bottom to stop slipping on the floor and soft cosy top. The mat is lovely and soft and is washable which makes life so much easier. It also has antibacterial protection for up to 12 washes.

LED Mirror Wyatt By Mode

The mirror that was already in the bathroom was quite a large size that I liked but has been chipped away around the edges and corners so it was dated and old. With the bathroom being large and I am talking a double bed would fit in there with space large, the lighting can be a little dim. We chose the mirror with lights as I use it to do my makeup and Cora likes to be able to do her hair. The light is a nice added touch to a mirror as we often use just one light on early mornings and late evenings.

Check out our video to see our reaction to our new bathroom accessories.

All of the items we were gifted by Victoria Plum and can be found on their website. The bonus of ordering through Victoria Plum is that you can find all the items you are looking for in one place. You can get the matching sets for your toothbrush holder, soap dish and the full range. There are so many different brands and styles to choose from too so there is something for everyone.

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