Why We Struggle Buying Clothes

While I and Cora love shopping, we love bargain shopping and mostly for toys or food. We really struggle to go clothes shopping and for a number of reasons. I once upon a time found shopping as easy as breathing, I would find something I like and buy it in as many colours as possible. There was no hassle or stress over it, it was simple.

The past few years have been increasingly more difficult for us to buy clothes, I am sitting here writing this in a Starbucks in London, after spending most of the day looking for new clothes. These are just some of our contributing factors to why we struggle…

Fashion Is Forever Changing

Right now as of writing this fashion has taken a turn back to the 90’s. And as much as I loved the 90’s the first time around with boy bands, spice girls and girl power. I am sad to say I have grown out of that and no longer suit black cycling shorts and an orange spice girls belly top. Though my sisters would say I never suited it – I was a chunky child you see.

They say fashion has a 20-year cycle so we are continuing recycling the original designs from years ago and adapting every time. Cora said something interesting to me today that inspired this blog post and that was ‘ I can’t wait for the end of this fashion’. And just as I thought I would have to adapt to fit in or even clothe myself for the next few years, I soon realised that this fashion fad will soon move on.

It was interesting to think but I would like to know what people do when they don’t like the fashion of the time? Like now I can’t pull off wearing a Champion hoodie under a slinky black dress with a puffa jacket. I would like to meet someone who can actually.

Not everyone fits into every fashion and I would like to know what these people do? Do you stock up on your favourite jumpers and t-shirts so that you have a supply for when one dies and they are no longer in stock?

Quality Over Quantity

Cora taught me a very valuable lesson that I hope I still use to this day. You want to buy quality over quantity. When I worked in retail and made hardly any money, I would spend my lunch hour shopping in Primark as I liked being able to have 3 of the same jumper in different colours and so on. The only thing was, after a few washes and wears they died. Meaning I was replacing my wardrobe every few weeks/ months instead of years.

Yes, you get less for your money but it actually lasts much longer than your 3 items from Primark put together, I worked at Gap at the time and bought many things such as jeans and jumpers for uniform, this was now 3 years ago.  My favourite item in my wardrobe is my last jumper from Gap. Proving quality over quantity is worth trying.

Cora always goes for quality over quantity but what do you do when your quality stores aren’t providing what your looking for? Where do you turn to next? While I still shop at Primark as I think for certain items you can’t go wrong, holiday clothes that are going to be wrecked or children’s clothes because they grow at such a rate.

Necessity Over Want

I was a big shopper on want, not a necessity. I would buy things because I wanted to and while I’m not saying that is a bad thing. It can also get you into bad ways, I would spend a lot of my wage on clothes shopping but then when I wanted to save for something I cut it out.

I then stopped shopping because I wanted to and only did when I needed to, such as replacing my old and worn jeans or when your washing machine has died your white t-shirts the wrong colour. We rarely go clothes shopping due to buying when we need more out of want.

On the odd occasion, we do buy something if we see and like it but we don’t go crazy. What we say to ourselves is that would we prefer the item of clothing or putting the money on a holiday. That is how we decide how much we really want the clothes.

I would love to know what your key style is? What do you do when your not a big fan of the fashion? Where do you do your clothes shopping that are both quality and a great price? Let me know in the comments where you shop for your clothes and why.

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