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Inspired by World Fitness Day last week, we’ve partnered with board game company Ideal to review two of their new fun fitness games; Pose Off & Shake Off.

2020 has certainly been the year of indoor fitness as a family, with many families taking on P.E. classes at home thanks to the likes of Joe Wicks.

However, if there’s one thing we know it’s that in order for fitness to remain affective and exciting it needs to be fresh and fun. That’s why board game maker Ideal has released two fantastic new games; Pose Off & Shake off.

Pose Off Review

Pose Off is the game of holding your nerve and your pose! Take a coloured pose mat and turn over a pose and challenge card. Take turns to complete the challenge while holding the pose. If you stumble or repeat, you are out of the game!

We loved how super simple the game was. The rules are printed on the inside of the box and are quick and easy to understand allowing you to start playing straight away.

Both the poses and the challenge cards have a variety of difficulties making the game suitable for children of different ages. For example, Matilda who’s just turned 4 could easily play with her brother Frankie who’s 8-years old.

Something which is incredibly hard to find in a board game, as I’m sure parents of children with age differences would agree.

Pose Off is available from major supermarkets and all major toy stores. The game retails for £15.00.

Shake Off Review

Shake Off is a fun and frantic fitness game that will have you in stitches. The spinner decides where you and your opponents will wear your Shake-o-meters; arm, leg, waist or bum, and how you will shake it while running, jumping or going freestyle.

This game was again, super easy to understand. Much like Pose Off the instructions are printed on the top of the inside of the box and allow you to start playing straight away.

The kids loved watching their ticker increase with their movements. This was a great way to teach Matilda about numbers while getting in some all-important exercise. Again, this game was suitable for both ages 4 and 8 and allowed the kids to play together.

However, this game could just as easily be played with two or more children aged 4-years or two or more children older at around 8-years as it’s super simple to follow.

This game requires 2x AAA batteries for the electronic timer which aren’t included. Shake Off is available from major supermarkets and all major toy stores. The game retails for £19.99.

Benefits Of Kids Fitness

According to the NHS children should aim for 60 minutes of excersize each day across the week. In the summer months this can be easily achieved with activities such as swimming, walking, running, trampolining, skipping etc.

However, if you haven’t got a garden to exercise in or during the winter this can be increasingly difficult, which is why Ideal decided to release fun board games that get you up and moving indoors.

There benefits of kids fitness include;

  • Healthy growth and development.
  • Better self-esteem.
  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints.
  • Better posture and balance.
  • A stronger heart.
  • A healthier weight range.
  • Social interaction with friends.
  • Learning new skills while having fun.

Your Chance To Win

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Pose Off thanks to Ideal. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in contact if you’re drawn as the winner. Good luck!

Win Pose Off – The Game Of Holding Your Nerve & Your Pose!

These products are gifted to us for us to review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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