5 Amazing World Book Day Costume Ideas

Though I am not a parent yet and so don’t have the worry of finding a costume for World Book Day. I used to spend ages as a kid deciding and changing my outfit idea and know the pressure. You always wanted to be cool and different. Coming from a kid that always wanted to win the easter egg bonnet parade and never did. So here are some easy to do World Book Day costume ideas. These are ideas using everyday objects and skills and don’t have to cost the earth.

Paddington Bear

Paddington has always been a big deal and I can see why but Christmas 2017 made a revival for the well-loved bear with new books, Christmas adverts and soft toys. Paddington has been a household name for a very long time and is a classic.

You can pull off this easy and simple look by wearing a long blue coat, parker style if you have it otherwise don’t worry. Red wellington boots and a red floppy hat, if you want to get creative you could make some brown ears from felt and glue to the hat. Top it off with a brown suitcase style bag and you are complete. All these things can be bought cheap or found in your wardrobe.

Harry Potter Characters

I am a massive fan of both the books and films of the Harry Potter series and the fans just keep coming. There is no doubt plenty of little readers wanting to dress up as their favourite wizard for world book day. Don’t worry if you don’t have the robes already, you can make them!

Simply find an old black bedsheet or length of fabric cut into a rectangle, create a channel on one short edge and thread through some rope. That is your robe done, now for the rest of the outfit. Get on your school uniform with a grey or black jumper and draw on a scar with pencil eyeliner. If you are being someone else or a different house change up the colour of the jumper and tie.

Alice In Wonderland

This is also a classic as the books and films are often in circulation and popular with children this is a great option for world book day. It can be very simple to put together without the stress or expense of a shop bought outfit would be.

A great way to recreate the classic Alice look is with a blue dress, you can add a tutu like underskirt if you have one, if not don’t worry. If you and the kids like to bake and have a plain white apron use that for the pinafore part of the dress if it is patterned turn it the wrong way around.  Most children will have some sort of black shoe for school and white socks pulled up will do the trick. Last but not least you can add in the black headband and if your feeling extra creative take along a pink cat soft toy to be the Cheshire cat.

Dorothy – Wizard Of Oz

Another classic for the children to relate to and grow up with. Though never dressed as Dorothy myself, I loved the story. Another simple outfit as you can take the same style and concept as for Alice but replace the black shoes for red and swap the cat for a dog in a basket. Take off the pinafore and headband and swap for a red bow. Simple and you can have 2 outfits in one.


This is another classic book and a great story for everyone. This is a great and fun outfit to recreate this world book day. This costume can be all about recycling, trousers for school are too grubby or too short? cut zig-zag along the bottoms and sew on some off patches. Take an old shirt and make into a waistcoat, any colour would do. Use a cheese grater to make the clothes look a little more worn. You can also dirty up a school shirt to put underneath. The last thing you can do is print off some large ears, colour them in and stick them on each side of a headband.

If you have any more suggestions on simple and easy costume ideas. Or any photos of your kid’s outfits leave them in the comments below.

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